Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen Gloves Technology

Touchscreen gloves Technology

Touchscreen gloves are an alternative to traditional touch screens for people who have difficulty moving around or using their hands deftly. They are also used by people who must work outside in cold weather or who are unable to use their hands in any other way for a prolonged period of time without experiencing pain or harm.

Use of touchscreen gloves

Using touchscreen gloves is a novel and creative method of interacting with touchscreen gadgets. A business called Sensel, which was established in 2012, has been introduced it. The idea behind the technology is to make touch the primary input method for computers and mobile devices. Touchscreen gloves can be used with a variety of touchscreen devices, including computers, tablets, smartphones, and more. They have sensors that recognize where your fingertips are touching the screen and wirelessly transfer the information through Bluetooth to your computer or smartphone. The business sells a wide variety of gloves. The first kind is a touchscreen input glove that functions similarly to a traditional keyboard with keys.


The popularity of touchscreen gloves is growing for a variety of reasons. First off, wearing these gloves is pleasant and does not in any way limit movement. Second, they can reliably and precisely detect touch gestures. Thirdly, they can comprehend the user’s intent and react appropriately. Fourthly, they can recognize where the fingers are on the hands and how the hands are moving. Fifthly, they can distinguish between various touch gestures. Sixthly, they can tell how much pressure has been applied to the surface. And finally, they can tell one surface from another.

Today’s touchscreen glove technology can be classified into two categories.

  • Electrotactile Gloves
  • Resistive Gloves

Electrotactile Gloves

The first kind, called electrotactile gloves, uses electric pulses at the fingertips to assist the user in object identification and touchscreen operation. A sensation that mimics actual finger contact with the object is experienced when a user touches it on a touchscreen device.

Resistive Gloves

Resistive Gloves are the second variety of touchscreen gloves . These recognize when a touch screen device is being used and then display various commands in response using considerably simpler technology. Typically, these gloves include wires flowing from each finger to connect with signal pads attached to the interior of the glove, so that pressure applied to your finger sends signals back to your hand.

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