How to Set Up Google Voice Search in Your Magento Website

How to Set Up Google Voice Search in Your Magento Website

Set Up Google Voice Search in Your Magento Website

Did you realize that 71% of Americans within the USA prefer to search for things via voice search instead of traditional search?

It’s an impressive statement! If 7 out of 10 users are using voice and text, then it’s maybe, the time to put more effort into optimizing our content for the type of search that they use.

We already know your thoughts. The voice search feature is extremely erratic and extremely unreliable!

Consider using Cortana as well as Alexa. These are completely voice-based systems that have proven to function extremely well even when spoken to in a natural, conversational manner and without the need to alter your speech and voice to enable your machine to identify you. Try isaimini movies 2022 for watching free movies in your free time. 

With that in mind, it’s clear the voice-based search industry is getting more efficient and important. With the introduction of Magento 2 and its focus on Google voice searches, it’s about time that you know what you can do to prepare your Magento site for Google voice searches.

Find your keywords.

Don’t be scared; optimizing your site for voice searches won’t be much different than performing the basics of SEO. The first thing you have to do is a complete analysis of the key phrases that are relevant to your site.

You recognize the importance of keywords for ranking. The more your keywords are suited to an inquiry, the greater chance your site will be found by the engine and displayed on the search result page.

But here’s something that you might not be aware of: long-tail keywords account for 70% of all internet traffic! 9xmovies green is pulling up a lot of internet traffic too.

Thus, while short-tail keywords bring your content to life, they’re also extremely general and your site could get neglected. Long-tail keywords (keywords comprising at least three words), however, are more specific. Making sure that your website is optimized for the right keywords can propel it to the top of the SERP and help you get the desired clicks.

It also has a lot to do with optimizing voice search because of the human nature of speech. We rarely use slang language—instead, we prefer to make use of long-winded phrases to communicate our message in as clear and concise a manner as possible.

However, if you’re trying to ensure that your content is relevant for voice searches, then optimizing it to work with long-tail keyword phrases should be your top priority because they are the primary driving factor behind this technology.

Optimized for Mobile

This is a fact that cannot be stressed enough: optimizing your website for mobile devices is the most effective investment you can make for your site.

Why? because 54.4 percent of all internet traffic is generated by mobile phones.

This is very sensible if you consider it. You should take note of your habits of browsing. Most likely, you use your smartphone to surf the internet for hours at a time.

Mobile browsing is so popular these days that many websites bypass the computer completely and move straight into creating applications or optimizing for mobile immediately. Magento website development is growing in this direction, and numerous development agencies think this approach is innovative and popular.

If you want to optimize your site for voice searches, mobile optimization can be of immense advantage. More than 50 percent of mobile users frequently use voice search, and you can be sure with confidence that this is the place all of your queries and your traffic will come from.

Fortunately, Google itself offers a range of tools you can utilize to test the responsiveness of your site to mobile devices.

To begin with, you could use Google Mobile-Friendly Test to check whether your website is equipped with all the features required for mobile-friendly designs. WPC15 is pulling a lot of internet traffic these days. It is also possible to utilize Google Speed and Webpage tests to ensure that your website runs quickly and without any hassle.

Get Rank Zero

Rank zero, also known as a “featured snippet,” is the most prominent result that appears as an answer directly to a specific query. It is crucial for both voice and text search. However, it is particularly crucial for voice search, since it feeds directly into voice-based search and the voice program will read it aloud in addition to the site that hosts it.

If you can rank at the top, it means that your site is most relevant to the search query you’re using. That will greatly increase your website’s visibility. Getting your site to rank zero is going to take some work, but it’s not as difficult as one would imagine.

The main element in rank-zero snippets is the precise targeting of the keyword in question. This is connected to the previous point regarding keyword research. Conducting extensive research will help you determine which specific keywords people are looking for and which terms are the most relevant for those searches.

Then all you have to do is to create small meta tags which directly address those questions by incorporating the keyword in a natural, seamless way that is likely to be featured at the bottom of the page.

However, there is a caveat—rank zero is based on the top ten organic results on SERP, so ensure that your site is optimized to appear within the top ten otherwise you’ll be out of the chances of being featured in the snippet.

It is the most important local search.

Take this as an example: 97% of the people who search online are seeking local businesses. In addition, 76% of those who are looking for local businesses do it with Google voice searches at least once per week.

This is an impressive argument to support voice search. So optimizing your Magento site for local searches is not only a smart idea but essential.

There are a variety of ways to improve your website’s local SEO, and the majority of them are easy and simple. You’ll need to optimize for local long-tail terms and also update the information on your NAP to keep it up-to-date.

local long-tails They’re similar to generic long-tails but with an added place of residence. For instance, you could look up “affordable plumbing services”, but if you’d like to shop within the Toronto region, you could select “affordable plumbing solutions Toronto.”

Given that the majority of consumers prefer shopping locally first, or if you run a small e-commerce site, or a brick-and-mortar business, focusing on these keywords is crucial to attracting customers and making yourself noticeable to them.

In the case of NAP (name, address, or telephone number), this is the most important information that you want your customers to be aware of. Displaying them in a neat and well-updated manner shows your professionalism, but it will also make it easy for your customers to contact you.

Make sure that you’ve got your Google Business profile is updated and that you’ve listed your business on the most popular directories on the internet, such as Apple Maps and Yellow Pages to be listed on Map Pack.

The Final Words

This is the only thing we have to offer in terms of optimizing your Magento site for voice-based searches. As you’ve learned, the process is simpler than you’d expect since numerous SEO methods that work for text-based searches are also applicable to voice searches.

What we’re trying to say is that if have solid SEO practices put in place for your site, it’s likely that you’ll be able to improve your voice search results with just a few small changes. This is all there is to it!


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