The Top 8 Best Tools to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Once you are a business owner, you must start using video marketing to grow your youtube channel. The mentioned below infographic will help you to do just that. You will learn about different tools to use and why you must use them! Finally, it is very important to know that Youtube is not only about videos! You can use the video you upload to promote your products and services on your social networks and on your website and make them more appealing to your target audience!

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing-Marketing Tips

These are the top 8 best free YouTube video marketing tools for you to grow your Youtube channel! This will help you to get noticed by more potential customers. If you can use these tools, you will certainly get some nice results.

YouTube Ads

A YouTube ad is the most important piece of software to monetize your YouTube channel.

Google Adsense, Google Ad Manager, and Overture Social Media Ads are the best YouTube advertising software to work with.

1.      YouTube Ads

It contains a wide selection of YouTube ad opportunities, such as search ads, display ads, and video ads.

All three products are known for their free trial period and once the trial period ends, you will have to purchase the paid version of the same.

You can buy an ad-free version of each of these best YouTube advertising software programs at very affordable prices, which you can view here!

Youtube Analytics

The primary purpose of this software is to help you with your online analytics, and what better than Google?

The Google Analytics software contains the most accurate data on online videos and websites.

As such, the software helps you to get an overview of what your channel is doing right and what it is not doing right.

Furthermore, the software allows you to easily view what your video viewers are actually interested in watching and what they are not.

Although these tools do not automatically show you the right video types and how much traffic your channel actually generates, they are a great start!

To help you improve the quality of your videos, you can use Adlib and Converter to compile high-quality free clip files, which can be easily inserted into your videos to create high-quality HD videos that will get better quality views.

Facebook Ads Manager

Ads Manager is a must-have for all YouTubers, especially if you intend to increase your revenue stream through Youtube and Facebook channels simultaneously.

Moreover, this product comes with an intuitively designed dashboard that keeps you updated with all the changes and amendments taking place on the Facebook advertising system.

Facebook Ads Manager has a selection of more than 500 ad types in its library which, at the very least, can be converted to a simple copy and paste and the paid media properties are equally exhaustive.

What’s more, once you start to work with it, the Ads Manager will also periodically notify you about your ad performance and offer to update your ad profile with its latest changes.

This free YouTube ad management tool comes bundled with a wonderful data set, where you can effortlessly keep track of all your business transactions on the internet.

Cinema Studio

Cinema Studio is a free program that you can use to edit and convert your video footage.

A free program that you can use to convert and edit your footage on your PC? Yes, you read it right!

It can transform and convert both your recorded video clips and your recorded video files into a video file that can be easily embedded into any website, and you can also embed it on your YouTube channel.

You can apply the software in several ways. You can convert, edit, merge, and trim your video with your voice, music, and special effects.

Moreover, the software will compress the video, convert it to a suitable quality, and output the files in the best formats for better download speeds.

Multiply The Profit

YouTube is full of quality video makers and a lot of them earn money from Youtube.

If you are one of them, then this FREE Youtube marketing eBook will give you essential tips, which will help you to make money from Youtube.

There are several free YouTube courses, which are offered by YouTube themselves and this FREE YouTube marketing eBook contains a detailed list of the best youtube video training courses.

In this free youtube marketing eBook, you will get a list of the best Youtube video courses that will help you to earn millions of dollars from Youtube!

YouTube Advertising

Are you doing your video marketing just as a hobby or just to gain more exposure? Then, you need to start accepting advertisements.

It is the only way to make money from YouTube and make the most of it. There are various types of Youtube advertising products that you can choose from, and the one that you will work with the best is AdSense.

adsense ads

YouTube’s AdSense is the most recommended by YouTube, and it’s one of the best Youtube advertising tools to pay for your channels.

AdSense is a comprehensive platform that is used to manage the entire process of placing online ads.

This is an integrated process that helps you to sell ad space on your video content. All you need to do is set the right video content.

The automated software helps you to attract more viewers so that you can sell more ads.

With the help of this software, you can convert a video into a profitable and unique marketing tool.

 JibJab Video Editor

As the name suggests, JibJab Video Editor is a free tool that has over 17 million users.

This tool helps you to create, edit, and add content to your videos. JibJab is a free Youtube video editing software that is very popular.

As it has so many users, there is no need to pay to use this tool and it is very user-friendly as well. You can easily create an amazing viral video using this free Youtube marketing tool.


We are sure that you are aware of the Varanda software. Well, if you are a business owner, then you should definitely be using this free Youtube marketing tool.

This is the number one best Youtube marketing tool to help you earn money from Youtube.

Varanda allows you to upload videos into your channel as well as make money from your videos by making custom banners or YouTube ads from the video.

These banners and videos can be easily changed according to the video or the category of the video.

The software can give you an easy way to have a video advertising channel on YouTube.

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