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9 Benefits to Using Power BI as A Business Intelligence Software

Microsoft has released a business intelligence system known as Power BI that will help businesses analyze data and provide real-time data analytics in minutes.

How does Power BI differ from other software systems? This is designed to help businesses in many areas of their daily operations, from sales forecasting to logistics. It also lets businesses share data with other employees. With Power BI, data is treated like a digital service instead of a file.

Power BI is part of Microsoft Office 365 and can be accessed through the company’s Office 365 Business Premium plan. Power BI is available on desktops and smartphones.

Other business intelligence systems include IBM QRadar, SAP Business Objects, HP Open View, and Google Analytics 360. Business owners and organizations can access information through a browser, tablet, or phone with a smartphone.

Microsoft Power BI Business Value

In a press release, Rick Dauler, General Manager of Business Analysis at Microsoft, said, “Power BI brings the modern BI experience to everyone, giving you a fast and flexible solution for managing business data.” There are no traditional BI tools with the speed, flexibility, and security of Power BI, and there is no limit to the types of data you can analyze. The result is powerful insights that benefit your business. ”

There are several aspects to using Power BI that make it unique and add value to the data it contains. Here are six benefits of using business intelligence software:

PowerBI is fast.

Analyzing data can take hours or even days, depending on the size of the data and the need for it. With Power BI, business owners can take action in real-time with the click of a button.

According to Microsoft, with Microsoft Power BI, the average time to first action (TFA) is 14 minutes and the time to generate an advanced forecast is three minutes.

Power BI is easy to use.

Power BI is easy to use. It provides business owners with a wizard to show them how to set up and use Power BI. The wizard guides users through all the different tasks needed to use Power BI to their advantage. It explains the different types of users and what the different buttons mean.

It even shows the basic functions of Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI provides users with a simple user interface to create charts, graphs, and presentations. Data can be displayed in charts, tables, web analytics, and KPI dashboards.

The dashboard can be exported as a PDF or editable file. Business owners can export reports in a variety of formats.

The dashboard is easy to navigate and provides the information users need quickly.

Clear and accurate data

To build a truly successful marketing campaign, a clear and accurate data set is required that can help your organization make the required decision and course of action for the customer and drive the right business decisions. A well-defined data set that can accurately measure the performance of a campaign at each stage, across multiple channels and devices, is the need of the hour. This data should be delivered to marketing teams quickly and can

Power BI is Flexible

Microsoft Power BI provides the same data analytics service in a variety of different tools. There are hundreds of different workflows that business owners can access.

The task lists from within Power BI include the following:

  • Drive Analysis
  • Alliance Analysis
  • Learning Engine
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Drive Scheduling
  • Business Process
  • Analytics Flow

Creating new workflows is very easy. Business owners only have to enter the name of the task and provide the user information. Users can then click the add button.

The users’ list in Power BI is extremely flexible. Business owners can create different lists for different audiences to use.

Power BI Is Connected

According to Microsoft, Power BI provides a great amount of data and smart user interfaces for all of the different data it has.

Microsoft Power BI provides integrated data into its solutions. Data is stored in relational databases with Microsoft SQL Server. Businesses can use Power BI for data that are stored in Excel files. Users can even use Power BI with Windows Server Data Services (DSS).

Microsoft Power BI can be integrated with Microsoft Azure, the company’s cloud services. With Azure, users can store data in the cloud and receive data on mobile devices.

Using the Power BI Analytics Client, users can access real-time data from a variety of different sources, whether they are on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Power BI Provides Security

“For security, Power BI encrypts data, making it even more secure than other business intelligence platforms,” said Dauler.

This encryption also means that users can access their data without having to worry about someone gaining access to their systems.

Advanced analysis and visualization

A business intelligence software platform must have advanced analytics and visualization tools to deliver real-time analysis and understand the data. It should be easy for users to make the required changes to their business strategy and make their marketing campaigns more effective.

Combination of multidisciplinary and advanced analytics

Organizations are now looking at using data and analytics in a more holistic way to enhance their market understanding and optimize their marketing performance. Collaborating with a BI software platform that can support analytics to automate multidisciplinary data analysis and preparation, can help to develop an efficient and highly accurate marketing campaign that includes the role of marketing in the entire customer journey and across multiple touch-points.

Microsoft Power BI is Affordable

Microsoft Power BI Business Value

The cost of using Microsoft Power BI Business Value is about the same as other BI tools. For example, Microsoft Power BI will cost $7 per user per month.

The majority of businesses are investing in services such as Azure. Users of Microsoft Power BI Business Value will receive 60 days free of training and the cost to upgrade to a paid subscription will be $24 per user per month.

Uptime – Microsoft Power BI Business Value has an uptime of 99.9 percent. The backups process happens every 10 minutes.

CRM, Marketing, and Sales – These are all integral parts of any business. These companies will need to rely on the product for the majority of their marketing strategies and sales strategies.

Access – Accessing the BI software for Power BI Business Value requires an active subscription. It is a one-time fee for each user.

The pricing model is designed so that a business can afford it. It’s also relatively affordable for any business owner, regardless of their size.

Every business should make a purchase decision that it can afford.


Improving productivity at the enterprise level is one of the main focus areas for any marketer, as the art and science of data-driven campaigns depend heavily on the tools and technology to deliver value and business insights. There are several platforms available on the market that are used for building, analyzing, and delivering analytics for marketing teams. A new generation of BI software and tools is emerging in the market that addresses all these concerns and delivers a unique user experience (UX), exceptional user experience (UX), and an outstanding user experience (UX) to improve marketing performance and ROI for businesses.

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